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10″ Jane West Beaker Bong – Cobalt Blue

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DopeBoo has 10″ Jane West Beaker Bong – Cobalt Blue on sale for $199.99

10″ Jane West Beaker Bong – Cobalt Blue
10″ Jane West Beaker Bong – Cobalt Blue



Jane West is a total boss, and her glassware is nothing less than luxury. The renowned connoisseur paired up with GRAV because both brands represent the best in the business, as you’ll instantly experience in this particular petite yet powerful borosilicate glass design. A swoon-worthy deep blue hue is derived from pure cobalt ore for an incredibly rich effect enhanced by a beaker bong silhouette. This fierce water pipe delivers the natural process of water filtration for incredible inhales in an impressive seconds-as-decor design. It comes in a box just as classy as the lady who designed it and features a fixed diffused downstem with a 14mm female joint, all constructed with the sturdiness of solid 25mm scientific glass. The straight stem is marked with Jane West’s signature monogram logo for authenticity, as wannabes are already trying to imitate this instantly popular pipe. Even your straight edge friends will be tempted into (legal) herbal pleasure with such an exquisite design. Let’s just say wine night has met its match.
Height: 10 inches
Use With: Dry Herb
Materials: 25mm Borosilicate Glass
Downstem: Fixed
Designed By: Jane West

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Specification: 10″ Jane West Beaker Bong – Cobalt Blue

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