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African BaTonga Gourd Pipe

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Dankstop has African BaTonga Gourd Pipe on sale for $129.99. Shipping is free.

African BaTonga Gourd Pipe
African BaTonga Gourd Pipe



You can thank the BaTonga people of Zimbabwe for this interesting smoking innovation. Now gourds are for more than filling a cornucopia! The African BaTonga Gourd Pipe is handmade out of an actual gourd and is decorated by beaded art, made by Zulu tribeswomen. The artistry at the top of the chamber and bottom of the neck looks like a traditional necklace and gives the bong some pizzazz. A marble bowl is included with the bong, and it is deep enough for hefty packs. Considering these bongs are made out of gourds and grown on vines, their size and shape can vary. A traditional way of smoking, the third largest tribe in Zimbabwe began using gourds or as they call the device, Incelwa. Primitive Pipes is a bit more sophisticated yet still sticks to its roots. A silicone downstem reaches into the chamber to diffuse your smoke. Between the removable downstem and the beeswax lining, the African BaTonga Gourd Pipe from Primitive Pipes hits like a champ. DO NOT USE HOT WATER OR CHEMICALS WHEN CLEANING. This can result in the lining being stripped. Only clean with cold water. Bowl color varies.

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