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Bioluminescent Bonsai Bong

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Dankstop has Bioluminescent Bonsai Bong on sale for $399.99. Shipping is free.

Bioluminescent Bonsai Bong
Bioluminescent Bonsai Bong



Good luck trying to find a water pipe with its own relaxing garden inside. The Bioluminescent Bonsai Bong practically has its own ecosystem in its chamber. The black, worked glass cave holds all the art and plant life. There is also a small clear glass waterfall in the center of the cave. There are four trees branching out of the rock base with a bird perched on the tallest one. The waterfall, trees, and bird all are made with UV reactive glass. Under black lights these assets glow in vibrant colors. The rest of the bong is made with thick, clear glass. This ranges from the flared mouthpiece all the way through the 4 inch wide base. The entire bioluminescent bonsai garden sits on top of a puck like circ perc. With multiple slits circling the base of the perc, your smoke will be diffused with the help of water in the base. This diffusion process helps create a more smooth and pleasant smoking experience. The smoke is led into the circ perc by way of the 14mm female joint. A Dewar's Joint helps keep this joint from snapping while it is being handled by some of your not so careful friends. The included 14mm male bowl fits perfectly into the joint. A glass marble can be found on the front of the bowl. This glass opal has an Empire Glassworks logo inside. There is also an Empire Glassworks logo on the neck of the Bioluminescent Bonsai Bong. Make your smoke session even more peaceful by smoking it out of colorful plant life.

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