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Bioluminescent Cactus Bong

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Dankstop has Bioluminescent Cactus Bong on sale for $399.99. Shipping is free.

Bioluminescent Cactus Bong
Bioluminescent Cactus Bong



No, it is not a mirage. There really is a glorious worked glass cactus in the center of this water pipe. The Bioluminescent Cactus Bong has a brown, desert like platform which holds two tall cactus plants. These cacti have raised glass bumps to mimic a real cactus' spines. On the tallest points of each plant are glass flowers. These worked glass flowers are beautiful on their own but once you combine them with a black light, they are truly amazing. They turn into a super bright white and pink when exposed to ultraviolet rays. After smoking out of the Bioluminescent Cactus Bong, you might think you are seeing the burning bush itself but it is really the themed glass cacti on top of a circ perc. This puck shaped circ perc has slits around the base of it to diffuse your smoke. Once the smoke is pushed through these slits and the accompanying water which you have filled the base with, it filters through the water for a much smoother hit. After all, a cactus does have tasty water inside. The smoke then travels up past the cacti and into the straight neck. There are multiple maria rings on the neck as well as an Empire Glassworks decal. Another Empire Glassworks logo can be found inside of a glass marble located on the front of the included 14mm male bowl. Place your lips on the flared mouthpiece at the top and taste the sweet relief of this very real Bioluminescent Cactus Bong.

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