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Clear Baby Bottle Dab Rig

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Dankstop has Clear Baby Bottle Dab Rig on sale for $79.99. Shipping is free.


There is nothing baby about this dab rig. This clear glass baby bottle dab rig features a faberge egg design with swiss percs in both the upper and lower chambers. It also contains a diffused downstem. The dual chamber design, the hollow center in between chambers, and the many filtering holes make this dab rig function beautifully every time it's used. Every hit is clean, filtered, and diffused for the smoothest rips possible. This clear glass concentrate rig features a baby bottle style mouthpiece, a 14mm male joint, and a complimentary 14mm female dome and nail. This incredible vapor rig also contains a flat round base and a dewar's reinforced joint. Select the appropriate option above to use this water pipe with dry herbs, concentrates, or both.

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Specification: Clear Baby Bottle Dab Rig


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