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“Lil Hitter” Frosted Spoon Pipe

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Toker Supply has “Lil Hitter” Frosted Spoon Pipe on sale for $ 24.99. Shipping is free.

“Lil Hitter” Frosted Spoon Pipe
“Lil Hitter” Frosted Spoon Pipe



A modern spoon pipe with a frosted appearance!
A classic design to get the job done. This “Lil Hitter” Frosted Spoon Pipe features a classic spoon pipe design with a modern look. This glass pipe comes in a variety of different colors and features a frosted glass appearance, this not only looks really great but also gives your hand a better grip on the pipe. The mouthpiece features a built-in ash catcher to prevent any ash from going into your mouth. This spoon pipe is only 3.5″ inches long but has a very deep bowl for long smoke sessions. The side carb hole on the left side allows you to control airflow into the pipe while inhaling. If you smoke on the go or prefer a classic design, the “Lil Hitter” Frosted Spoon Pipe will be a great addition to your smoking collection.
Spoon Pipe
Choice Of Color
Length: 3.5″
Texture Changes With Touch
Side Carb Hole
Frosted Glass
Colored Glass
Deep Bowl
Thick Glass

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